This Land #3 Gods & Monsters


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Our journey continues within the reborn world of Aotearoa/New Zealand

An Ancient god has fallen from the sky.

A promise has been made and a bargin struck.

Hell’na, Daughter of Axeland must lead a group of mercenaries against her own people to clear her name and bring her whanau (family) back from the edge of death.

In Issue 3 All Hell Breaks Loose!

Moa is evolved by the God Tāne into a Kaiju form to take on the last Taniwha (water dragon) of the Whitetomb

The secret location of Maui is discovered and someone wont be walking away in one piece!


Words by Mark Abnett
Art by PR Dedelis
Colours Liezl Buenaventura
Letters By Rob Jones

Image of THIS LAND: Issue One
THIS LAND: Issue One
Image of  THIS LAND #2 Into the Deep
THIS LAND #2 Into the Deep
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